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Facing auto latching issue in 4g


facing auto latching issue in 4g. Vendor E//. what should be check


Auto latching?


Yes…3g to 4g


Check idle mode reselection priority for eutran and sanity of definitions…In 3G


i have checked & found lte set priority level 6 in nodeb


What is priority of utran?


The priority is 4


So you have higher priority of LTE, then system is working fine…Reverse it if you wanna otherwise.


but 3g to 4g cell reselection not happening. but forcefully latch to 4g happening


You were telling it’s auto latching…now you are saying that it’s forcefully done.


in handset if we set only 4g it is latching but if we set 4g/3g/2g mode then it is latching to 3g .not going to 4g


Ok…what are bands of 3g and 4g. Also how many carriers at 3g are deployed. Which carrier ue is camped? Check eutran definition in that sector. It should have correct definition for eutran and higher priority for it.


3g 900 band
4g 2100 band
single carrier


Did you reset the cell after setting priorities? What is the priority for eutran you are receiving in L3?


Pls suggest further


Share SIB19 from L3.


Dear Please check the levels of 3G and 4G and ask the DT to restart the phone or go to Airplane mode.First Clear every thing from the Field and then focus on your side