Ericsson 4G XML OSS Parameters Dump Parser

@Lucio, Check vsDataExternalEUtranCellFDD.csv

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yes, but where? it doesn’t exist :neutral_face:

Do you have a plan to commit fixed code to github (
I am interested in source code.

Thank you.

Will push new changes and let you know.

dear all.
thanks for sharing wonderful tool.

just one query`

I started parsing the dump but it does not show any error or does not show any output as well. please check below snapshot for referece

@balkaran_singh, from the screenshot it looks like the parser is still running! You should see the output in the C:\Hunter\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Data\Output folder. Is there nothing in that folder?

Hi Emmanuel,

your parsing tool looks amazing, it’s really difficult to work with XMLs.

Is it possible to upload sample Ericsson CM export dump for 3G and 4G, maybe from testbed or something similar.
We are in preparation for swap Nokia for Ericsson, and still have no OSS installed and want to verify parser is doing correctly. Ericsson will install ENM as OSS solution

Thanks in advance


Sure. Send a private message.

thanks for sharing this amazing tool.
What is the latest version? I have the boda-bulkcmparser 1.3.1.

Can this tool be adapted to run over a Linux/Unix enviroment?


1.3.1 is the latest version. It will work on any OS that has the Java runtime installed. That includes Linux/Unix.

Also, note that Java JRE 1.8 and above are needed to run the parser(s).

Thanks Emmanuel.
One more question. I seen some optional parameters (parameter.conf) to be used with the parser. For what it is use for?

boda-bulkcmparser 1.3.1 Copyright © 2017 Bodastage(
Parses 3GPP Bulk CM XML to csv.
Usage: java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar <fileToParse.xml|Directory> [parameter.conf]

Thanks, BR

@Emmanuel this step is to export a single node or several node. Is there an option to select all the eNodeBs on the OSS?

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Hi Emmanuel,
thanks for the update , I am still facing issue with EUtranfreqrelation MO, I am unable to find below parameter.
do you have fix for this please ?

ANy easy ways to parse multiple xml files?

Yes, use BODA: Boda FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I don’t see any discussion about how to use parser for multiple xml files.

Simply read and follow instructions… and install Boda Lite.
There are currenlty 2k+ global users!

In the Main User Interface, select the folder where your multiple XML are…
Also, select one folder as destination (parsed files).

Click Process.

I got this error. Any advise?
Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx512M

Hello @amadeo… You’re probably not following it right.

Please send an e-mail to, so i can do a remote session with you.

Use below cmd which start with Java,
Java -jar

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