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Ericsson 4G XML OSS Parameters Dump Parser


Hello members.

Continuing the Hunter Free Tools Initiative, this is the next Hunter Boda Parser.

This week is for Ericsson 4G XML.

Boda parsers are written in Java and distributed as “.jar” files. The easiest way to run a jar file in Windows is to use the command prompt. (To run the command prompt, look for “cmd.exe”). The parsers can be used on other platforms that have Java installed besides Windows. This write-up focuses on Windows as it is the currently supported platform for the Hunter tools.
Important: make sure you run the command on one line only (not on separate lines).

Note: This specific post is for Ericsson 4G XML issues only. If you have questions regarding other Vendor/RAT, either find another topic or create a new topic - if not already created.

Below are the necessary procedures to obtain Ericsson 4G XML dump and parse it. Enjoy!


Step by step procedure to download and configure Hunter Boda Ericsson 4G (XML) Parser

  1. Click the link below and download boda parser to an appropriate folder on your computer.
    Tip: follow the Hunter suggested folder structure so that it will be easier to organize future parser versions, and also other parsers for other RATs.
    Download Link: (625.5 KB)

  2. The Hunter Structure starts with a “Hunter” base folder. Then, a subfolder for “Boda”. In the Boda folder, create a folder for this parser (“Ericsson_4G”). And finally, the module folders: “Scripts”, “Output” and “Data”.

  3. For now, we will follow the Hunter folder structure and download the BODA Parser “boda-bulkcmparser.jar” to “C:\Hunter\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Scripts”


Step by step procedure to download Ericsson 4G XML Configuration Parameters from OSS

Let’s obtain the raw CM dump file.

  1. Log into Ericsson OSS via Citrix.

  2. Launch OSS Common Explorer: Start -> Applications -> Ericsson -> OSS Common Explorer

  3. Under ‘Topology’ (at the left) choose LTE

  4. Click to expand “ONRM_ROOT_MO_R” to see each eNodeB

  5. Select the desired eNodeB (or group of eNodeBs) and right click the mouse. In the pop up Menu choose “Export RNS”.

  6. In the ‘Bulk CM Export’ dialog see how Export Parameters Configuration Options are set, and make some changes if needed.

  7. Under “Export Details” configure “Export to”: folder to save the Parameters File (in the OSS Computer HD) (The file is by default exported to “/var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/”)

  8. Give a proper “File Name”: the name of the file. For example, “Ericsson-4G-PARAMETERS_ENBxxx.XML”

  9. Under Filter Details check option “Radio and Transport Network

  10. And check the “Use Compress Export” option

Following the Hunter Folder Structure, download the file to “C:\Hunter\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Data”. You can download to any other folder; just make sure it will be easy to find.


Step by step procedure to parse (process/extract) Ericsson 4G Configuration Parameters

With the raw dump file downloaded, let’s extract the Parameters!

  1. First, check if the downloaded files are compressed (ZIP, RAR, 7-z, GZ, etc…). If so, uncompress them using any compression/uncompression utility such as Winzip, Winrar or 7-zip.

  2. We need to run a command. It is best practice to create a auxiliary text file, to store/modify the command.
    Under the Scripts folder, create a file called “ericsson_4g_xml_usage.txt” to contain the command.
    Adjust the command based on usage:
    “java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar inputFile outputDirectory”

  3. Run the command and wait for it to finish.
    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you run the command on ONE LINE ONLY (not on separate lines).

  4. Done! All your parameters are extracted into CSV files. These can be opened using a text editor, Microsoft Excel or Access .

"java -jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Scripts\boda-bulkcmparser.jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Data\example_data_subfolder\example_cm_file.xml C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Output\example_output_subfolder\"

“C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Data\example_data_subfolder” is the folder where you have your dump file;
“example_cm_file.txt” is your dump file;
“C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Output\example_output_subfolder” is the folder where all CSV files will be created.

For a more detailed example, please check this topic: General instructions for using the CM parsers to process any network dump

That’s it.
Hope you all like and participate.
Help us by inviting your friends to the community, giving suggestions/feedback, and of course asking about any issues you may find.
Let’s build a totally new Telecom/IT global community.



Hi @Emmanuel,

I tested and ran very well and fast.
Very good job.



Hi Members

I wanted to link the tables *.csv in MS Access, so I have tables with more than 255 fields.

Anyone have any idea how I can do this?



Hello Dear friends, I have tried to parse 4G data but I got below error:

“java -jar D:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Scripts\boda-bulkcmpa
rser.jar D:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_4G\Data\Ericsson-4G-PARAMETERS_ENB.xml D:\HUNTE
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.util.Map.replace(Lj
at com.bodastage.boda_bulkcmparser.BodaBulkCMParser.collectVendorMOColum
at com.bodastage.boda_bulkcmparser.BodaBulkCMParser.endELementEvent(Boda
at com.bodastage.boda_bulkcmparser.BodaBulkCMParser.parseFile(BodaBulkCM
at com.bodastage.boda_bulkcmparser.BodaBulkCMParser.processFileOrDirecto
at com.bodastage.boda_bulkcmparser.BodaBulkCMParser.parse(BodaBulkCMPars
at com.bodastage.boda_bulkcmparser.BodaBulkCMParser.main(BodaBulkCMParse”

Could you please support me to solve it.
Thank you in Advance


Hi @Giga_Tsiskaridze,

Please update your Java installation. Use the link below to install the most recent Java version.

Let us know if this issue is sorted.



Dear Emmanuel, it works. Thank you very much.


Amazing!!! working like a charm!!!

Thanks a lot



Hi @emaanuel
please note in Ericsson LTE 17A we have an issue of (mixed OSS file of 3G &4G elements)


vsDataEUtranFreqRelation belongs to UtranCell while vsDataEutranFreqRelation belongs to `vsDataEUtranCellFD

this one causing the parse only the 3G vsDataEUtranFreqRelation. while the 4G are not parsed.

what i have done in order to mitigate , i have changed vsDataEUtranFreqRelation to vsDataEUUtranFreqRelation in the xml file with xml editor, and it created the 4G elements as i wanted (it parsed also the 3G) as separate csv files.


Hi @Enir,

I am aware of the mixed 3G and 4G elements. However, I had not caught this case/bug. I will test and publish an updated version.



Hi Emmanuel,

Regarding some parameters which have value of type array, in the created cvs file, the values are seperated by ; (semicolon) and the rest of file is comma seperated.
Is it possible to have the array values as space delimited instead of semicolon?

I do not know if it depends on my PC settings? or it is same for all.

Thanks for attention


It worked fine, but some Mo’s didn’t appear, for example:



It’s not your PC. That’s how they are handled at the moment. We will release version that allows you to specify how you want the output values are separated.




This is odd. Let me check check these 2 MOs and see if I get the same isuse. Will get back to you.



@Lucio, I am able with to see those 2 MOs but then again it may because I am testing with a newer version of the parser. I will make the new version available next week.



Ok! Thank u @Emmanuel



I can see MO vsDataLoadBalancingFunction but cannot CarrierAggregationFunction.

Tool is excellent.




Thanks for the feedback. We are finalizing tests for the new parser that should fix this. It will be available before the end of this week.




question about the parser: it reads all the MOs inside XML? or it has some predefined list of them?




It reads all MOs inside the XML.