Ericsson 3G XML OSS Parameters Dump Parser


each file in the resulted set will have combination of data from all 3 files. But! The parser is case sensitive. If you have different versions of OSSs you will find same parameters in different cases and in the result you will have 2 or more different columns.
If you will parse each dump independently keep in mind that column order in the result will be different.


@DSolo, you can preserve the column order by adding a parameter file as the third argument.

java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar <bulkcmfile.xml> </path/to/output/folder> parameters.cfg

The format of the parameter file is:


The above will only extract the managed objects and parameters listed in the parameters.cfg file.

With this, you can extract a specific set of managed objects from the files.


Dear Emmanuel, when I am trying to parse 3G XML I am getting the following error:
"Error: Unable to access jarfile D:\3GHUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Scripts\boda-bulkcm
could you please support me to solve this problem.
Thank you very much.


@Giga_Tsiskaridze, sorry about this; I made a slight change to the file name. I have uploaded a new file with the name corrected. You can download and use the new one.


Dear Emmanuel, it is working now. Thank you very very much.


@Emmanuel - Hi Emmanuel. First of all I have to thank you for the great work you are doing to the community. I just want to know if the parser will work with any bulk XML filed for 3G. I have a XML that only has the RBS and SIU data for the network which I want to convert to CSV. I can share the file with you on google drive or something. It is about 2GB.


@Kasun_N_Minoli it will work with any bulk XML file.



I have the following issue:

Unable to access jarfile C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Scripts\boda-buklcmparser.jar