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Ericsson 3G XML OSS Parameters Dump Parser


Hello members.

Continuing the Hunter Free Tools Initiative, this is the next Hunter Boda Parser.

This week is for Ericsson 3G XML.

Boda parsers are written in Java and distributed as “.jar” files. The easiest way to run a jar file in Windows is to use the command prompt. (To run the command prompt, look for “cmd.exe”). The parsers can be used on other platforms that have Java installed besides Windows. This write-up focuses on Windows as it is the currently supported platform for the Hunter tools.
Important: make sure you run the command on one line only (not on separate lines).

Note: This specific post is for Ericsson 3G XML issues only. If you have questions regarding other Vendor/RAT, either find another topic or create a new topic - if not already created.

Below are the necessary procedures to obtain Ericsson 3G XML dump and parse it. Enjoy!


Step by step procedure to download and configure Hunter Boda Ericsson 3G (XML) Parser

  1. Click the link below and download boda parser to an appropriate folder on your computer.
    Tip: follow the Hunter suggested folder structure so that it will be easier to organize future parser versions, and also other parsers for other RATs.
    Download Link: (625.4 KB)

  2. The Hunter Structure starts with a “Hunter” base folder. Then, a subfolder for “Boda”. In the Boda folder, create a folder for this parser (“Ericsson_3G”). And finally, the module folders: “Scripts”, “Output” and “Data”.

  3. For now, we will follow the Hunter folder structure and download the BODA Parser “boda-bulkcmparser.jar” to “C:\Hunter\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Scripts”


Step by step procedure to download Ericsson 3G XML Configuration Parameters from OSS

Let’s obtain the raw CM dump file.

  1. Log into Ericsson OSS via Citrix.

  2. Launch OSS Common Explorer: Start -> Applications -> Ericsson -> OSS Common Explorer

  3. Under ‘Topology’ (at the left) choose WCDMA

  4. Click to expand “ONRM_ROOT_MO_R” to see each RNC

  5. Select the desired RNC and right click the mouse. In the pop up Menu choose “Export RNS”.

  6. In the ‘Bulk CM Export’ dialog see how Export Parameters Configuration Options are set, and make some changes if needed.

  7. Under “Export Details” configure “Export to”: folder to save the Parameters File (in the OSS Computer HD) (The file is by default exported to “/var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/”)

  8. Give a proper “File Name”: the name of the file. For example, “Ericsson-3G-PARAMETERS_RNCxxx.XML”

  9. Under Filter Details check option “Radio and Transport Network

  10. And check the “Use Compress Export” option

Following the Hunter Folder Structure, download the file to “C:\Hunter\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Data”. You can download to any other folder; just make sure it will be easy to find.


Step by step procedure to parse (process/extract) Ericsson 3G Configuration Parameters

With the raw dump file downloaded, let’s extract the Parameters!

  1. First, check if the downloaded files are compressed (ZIP, RAR, 7-z, GZ, etc…). If so, uncompress them using any compression/uncompression utility such as Winzip, Winrar or 7-zip.

  2. We need to run a command. It is best practice to create a auxiliary text file, to store/modify the command.
    Under the Scripts folder, create a file called “ericsson_3g_xml_usage.txt” to contain the command.
    Adjust the command based on usage:
    “java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar inputFile outputDirectory”

  3. Run the command and wait for it to finish.
    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you run the command on ONE LINE ONLY (not on separate lines).

  4. Done! All your parameters are extracted into CSV files. These can be opened using a text editor, Microsoft Excel or Access .

"java -jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Scripts\boda-bulkcmparser.jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Data\example_data_subfolder\example_cm_file.xml C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Output\example_output_subfolder\"

“C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Data\example_data_subfolder” is the folder where you have your dump file;
“example_cm_file.txt” is your dump file;
“C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Output\example_output_subfolder” is the folder where all CSV files will be created.

For a more detailed example, please check this topic: General instructions for using the CM parsers to process any network dump

That’s it.
Hope you all like and participate.
Help us by inviting your friends to the community, giving suggestions/feedback, and of course asking whatever issue you may find.
Let’s build a totally new Telecom/IT global community.




Hi @Emmanuel

I tested it and it’s very fast. Very good. Thank you TelecomHall.



Hello everyone
I ran RNC by RNC, I have more than 5 RNC in the Network each one generates more than 150 csv files.
I can not open the csv like excel quickly.

Does anyone have any idea how to open the files to work in MS Access for example?



Hi @CSilva,

A new version will be released next week addressing this issue i.e. combining different files.



Hi @CSilva,

The new version addressing your issue is available. Download it from the original post at the top of the page.

You should now be able to parse a single file as well as a directory containing all your files as shown below:

To process files in a folder

java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar /path/to/input/Folder /path/to/output/Folder

To process files in a file

java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar /path/to/file /path/to/output/Folder

Let us know if the changes addressed your issue.



hi i used this tools and i’m getting happy for faster prasing . can i request some thing to change some prarmeters directly to get directly output ?

Now i’m working at Ericsson myanmar.


Hi @sithu_hein,

We appreciate your feedback. What sort of changes would you like to be added? You can give an example of how you would want to use the parser so that we can get a better understanding of what exactly you want.




To Process files in a file not clear , can you share command sample.



Hi @Emmanuel,

I agree with the ASO the process is not clear. Please, can you give me an example (command) of this?




Let’s give examples.

Suppose you have downloaded 2 files:

And you create a folder to store these 2 files:

And you also create a folder to store the output (where the parsed files will be):

If you have followed Hunter suggestion, you have the Boda Parser (.jar file) in the Scripts Folder (or any other folder you prefer):

Now, you have 2 options.

  1. Run the parser to process ONE specific file.
    Let’s say you want to process MyFile1.xml. The command would be:
    java -jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Scripts\boda-bulkcmparser.jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Data\MyFolderWithMyRawData\MyFile1.xml C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Output\MyOutputFolder\

  2. Run the parser to process ALL files in the folder.
    Let’s say you want to process all files (MyFile1.xml, MyFile2.xml…). The command would be:
    java -jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Scripts\boda-bulkcmparser.jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Data\MyFolderWithMyRawData\ C:\HUNTER\Boda\Ericsson_3G\Output\MyOutputFolder\

That’s it.

If you still have some problems, please contact us.



Hi @admin,

Thanks again.



Good day to all:

I have tested another parsing tool for E/// 3G and 4G XML’s, it is called NEPA, and I was looking at the files parsed from each tool, I can see that not all of the parameters for MO UtranCell are being parsed with Boda Parser, for example: lac, rac, sac and UraList.

Maybe you can check that all parameters are parsed.




You should not have any missing parameters; It’s odd that you do not see all the parameters. Look at these 2 files: UtranCell.csv and vsDataUtranCell.csv; they should have all UtranCell related parameters. At the moment the parsers separate the 3GPP standard parameters (in UtranCell.csv ) and the vendor specific parameters (in vsDataUtranCell.csv). I can take a look at the files your parsing if you don’t mind.



I can send you the header of the file, showing how many parameters of MO UtranCell are parsed, comparing the NEPA parser and the BODA parser, I cannot send the file, for reasons everyone knows.

BODA (211)
NEPA (219)

The ones I see missing in BODA:


Do you think the release of the RAN has something to do?



Below is a list of parameters in the 2 files I mentioned earlier. All parameters for UtranCell are in UtranCell.csv and vsDataUtranCell.csv. We will provide the option to combine the 2 files in a future version. The point I am trying to make is the parameters you claim are missing are actually in the UtranCell.csv file. Look at headers from a sample I have parsed. Additionally, the parser automatically picks up new MOs and parameters should new features be added.

Parameters in UtranCell.csv:

$ head -1 UtranCell.csv | tr “,” “\n” | cat -n
1 FileName
2 varDateTime
3 configData_dnPrefix
4 SubNetwork_id
5 SubNetwork_2_id
6 MeContext_id
7 ManagedElement_id
8 RncFunction_id
9 UtranCell_id
10 localCellId
11 uarfcnUl
12 uarfcnDl
13 primaryScramblingCode
14 primaryCpichPower
15 maximumTransmissionPower
16 primarySchPower
17 cId
18 userLabel
19 secondarySchPower
20 bchPower
21 lac
22 rac
23 sac
24 utranCellIubLink
25 uraList

Parameters in vsDataUtranCell.csv :

$ head -1 vsDataUtranCell.csv | tr “,” “\n” | cat -n
1 FileName
2 varDateTime
3 configData_dnPrefix
4 SubNetwork_id
5 SubNetwork_2_id
6 MeContext_id
7 ManagedElement_id
8 RncFunction_id
9 UtranCell_id
10 vsDataUtranCell_id
11 lbUtranCellOffloadCapacity
12 tCell
13 cellReserved
14 anrBlackList
15 treSelection
16 qualMeasQuantity
17 qHyst1
18 qHyst2
19 qQualMin
20 qRxLevMin
21 individualOffset
22 pwrAdm
23 pwrOffset
24 pwrHyst
25 tmCongAction
26 releaseAseDl
27 aseDlAdm
28 dlCodeAdm
29 aseUlAdm
30 sf8Adm
31 sf32Adm
32 minPwrRl
33 maxRate
34 interRate
35 minimumRate
36 maxPwrMax
37 interPwrMax
38 minPwrMax
39 compModeAdm
40 iFHyst
41 iFCong
42 interFreqFddMeasIndicator
43 sRatSearch
44 sIntraSearch
45 sInterSearch
46 fachMeasOccaCycLenCoeff
47 accessClassNBarred
48 utranCellPosition
49 maxTxPowerUl
50 reservedBy
51 sib1PlmnScopeValueTag
52 sf16Adm
53 hoType
54 usedFreqThresh2dEcno
55 usedFreqThresh2dRscp
56 administrativeState
57 loadSharingGsmThreshold
58 loadSharingGsmFraction
59 snDirectedRetryTarget
60 rlFailureT
61 nOutSyncInd
62 sf4AdmUl
63 hardIfhoCorr
64 hsdpaUsersAdm
65 loadSharingMargin
66 sHcsRat
67 sf16gAdm
68 releaseAseDlNg
69 tmCongActionNg
70 tmInitialG
71 sf16AdmUl
72 sf8AdmUl
73 sf8gAdmUl
74 iubLinkRef
75 eulNonServingCellUsersAdm
76 eulServingCellUsersAdm
77 agpsEnabled
78 codeLoadThresholdDlSf128
79 pwrLoadThresholdDlSpeech_amr12200
80 pwrLoadThresholdDlSpeech_amr7950
81 pwrLoadThresholdDlSpeech_amr5900
82 pwrLoadThresholdDlSpeech_amrWb8850
83 pwrLoadThresholdDlSpeech_amrWb12650
84 aseLoadThresholdUlSpeech_amr12200
85 aseLoadThresholdUlSpeech_amr7950
86 aseLoadThresholdUlSpeech_amr5900
87 aseLoadThresholdUlSpeech_amrWb8850
88 aseLoadThresholdUlSpeech_amrWb12650
89 accessClassesBarredCs
90 accessClassesBarredPs
91 rateSelectionPsInteractive_channelType
92 rateSelectionPsInteractive_ulPrefRate
93 rateSelectionPsInteractive_dlPrefRate
94 hcsUsage_idleMode
95 hcsUsage_connectedMode
96 hcsSib3Config_hcsPrio
97 hcsSib3Config_qHcs
98 hcsSib3Config_sSearchHcs
99 amrWbRateUlMax
100 amrWbRateDlMax
101 antennaPosition_latitudeSign
102 antennaPosition_latitude
103 antennaPosition_longitude
104 mocnCellProfileRef
105 standAloneSrbSelector
106 amrNbSelector
107 eulServingCellUsersAdmTti2
108 cellBroadcastSac
109 ctchOccasionPeriod
110 transmissionScheme
111 loadBasedHoSupport
112 useId
113 cbsSchedulePeriodLength
114 fdpchSupport
115 ganHoEnabled
116 loadBasedHoType
117 serviceRestrictions_csVideoCalls
118 hsIflsThreshUsers
119 hsIflsMarginUsers
120 dchIflsThreshPower
121 dchIflsThreshCode
122 dchIflsMarginPower
123 dchIflsMarginCode
124 pathlossThreshold
125 iflsMode
126 cpcSupport
127 absPrioCellRes_cellReselectionPriority
128 absPrioCellRes_sPrioritySearch1
129 absPrioCellRes_sPrioritySearch2
130 absPrioCellRes_threshServingLow
131 absPrioCellRes_measIndFach
132 spare
133 secondaryCpichPower
134 ctchAdmMargin
135 rrcLcEnabled
136 mixedModeRadio
137 sf128Adm
138 sf64AdmUl
139 admBlockRedirection_gsmRrc
140 admBlockRedirection_rrc
141 admBlockRedirection_speech
142 dmcrEnabled
143 hsIflsHighLoadThresh
144 hsIflsSpeechMultiRabTrigg
145 cyclicAcb_acbEnabled
146 cyclicAcb_rotationGroupSize
147 cyclicAcbCs_acbEnabled
148 cyclicAcbCs_rotationGroupSize
149 cyclicAcbPs_acbEnabled
150 cyclicAcbPs_rotationGroupSize
151 releaseRedirect
152 releaseRedirectEutraTriggers_csFallbackCsRelease
153 releaseRedirectEutraTriggers_csFallbackDchToFach
154 releaseRedirectEutraTriggers_dchToFach
155 releaseRedirectEutraTriggers_fachToUra
156 releaseRedirectEutraTriggers_fastDormancy
157 releaseRedirectEutraTriggers_normalRelease
158 spareA
159 srbAdmExempt
160 reportingRange1a
161 reportingRange1b
162 timeToTrigger1a
163 timeToTrigger1b
164 downswitchTimer
165 hsdschInactivityTimer
166 hsdschInactivityTimerCpc
167 inactivityTimeMultiPsInteractive
168 inactivityTimer
169 inactivityTimerEnhUeDrx
170 inactivityTimerPch
171 redirectUarfcn
172 dnclEnabled
173 servDiffRrcAdmHighPrioProfile
174 anrIafUtranCellConfig_anrEnabled
175 anrIafUtranCellConfig_relationAddEnabled
176 dlCodeOffloadLimit
177 dlPowerOffloadLimit
178 hsdpaUsersOffloadLimit
179 hsIflsDownswitchTrigg_toFach
180 hsIflsDownswitchTrigg_toUra
181 hsIflsDownswitchTrigg_fastDormancy
182 hsIflsPowerLoadThresh
183 hsIflsRedirectLoadLimit
184 hsIflsTrigger_fromFach
185 hsIflsTrigger_fromUra
186 iflsCpichEcnoThresh
187 iflsRedirectUarfcn
188 releaseRedirectHsIfls
189 pagingPermAccessCtrl_locRegAcb
190 pagingPermAccessCtrl_locRegRestr
191 pagingPermAccessCtrl_pagingRespRestr
192 ueHsThpMeasSupport
193 updateLocator
194 autoAcbRcssrThresh
195 autoAcbRtwpThresh
196 autoAcbMinRcssrInput
197 autoAcbRcssrWeight
198 autoAcbMaxPsClassesToBar
199 autoAcbRtwpWeight
200 autoAcbEnabled
201 supportedCellType
202 rwrEutraCc
203 eulMcServingCellUsersAdmTti2
204 primaryTpsCell
205 tpsPowerLockState
206 tpsCellThresholds_tpsCellThreshEnabled
207 tpsCellThresholds_tpsLockThreshold
208 tpsCellThresholds_tpsUnlockThreshold
209 dlCodePowerCmEnabled
210 poolRedundancy
211 rachOverloadProtect
212 srvccCapability
213 rimCapable

Has this helped to clarify things for you ?


Thanks Emmanuel: I understand now about the 2 files. The file Utrancell.csv (without vs) is not showing any parameters… really can’t tell you why. That is the problem then. Question again: do you think this problem for file: utrancell.csv is practically empty because of the release of RAN?



It’s very unlikely that the issue is related to the RAN Release. Just to rule it out, can you tell me what RAN release are you working with?


it is W16B. All of the parameters are exported and parsed in the files vsUtranCell.csv, but nothing comes in the UtranCell.csv file. Just trying to help here. Thanks again!