Boda Lite 0.2.3

Download Links for Boda Lite v0.2.3.

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Mac OSX:

Log in credentials
password: password

Change Log:

  • Added option to select the number of rows to display in tabular reports
  • Added CM tables missing in 0.2.2
  • Added count of csv files remaining to be processed as loading progresses(in the log file)
  • Fixed bug blocking downloads because of un-sanitized report names
  • Added parser output to log file for better troubleshooting
  • Added editing of composite reports
  • Added script to manually download and run PostgreSQL db without installing
  • Fixed handling of double quotes in csv files that was causing some files not to be loaded
  • Added network entity reports
  • Added separate release build for windows installers
  • Added generation of snap and rpm packages to linux release build