Boda Lite 0.1.8

Download Links for Boda Lite v0.1.8.

Note: not sure what version to install? Check latest versions here telecomHall Experts Handbook

password: password

:computer: Windows:

:computer: Mac OSX:

:computer: Linux:

Please test and provide your feedback.

Change Log:

  • First release of Boda, for the Community test
  • This version is stable (works on Windows, Linux and Mac) for CM processing for all vendors; but it still don’t have the Reports module.



Tested Huawei CFGMML and Nokia RAML both gets parsed… Thanks to the team


how to get my login account and psssword? thx.

ok. i got it.

Instructions are right above download links…

Hi Dears,
Its very good initiative, Hope we will get next version soon.
After dump extraction, its giving separate excel for each object, can we have option to get all sheet merge in a single excel workbook for all object and in *.mdb format.

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Hi @soltech.

Yes, we’re working on next version.
Current version is a “beta”, and we have a group of developers working on the code / new modules implementation.

The roadmap is being defined by a group of dozens Experts. We’’ take into account you suggestion too, thanks. :wink: