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Anyone implemented TD-LTE subframe other than 2?


Anyone implemented TD-LTE subframe other than 2?


Yes. We did that. Whats ur need??


theoritically shifting from 5ms (subframe config 2) to 10ms (subframe config 4 or 5) will make less opportunity for ul feedback such as HARQ, BSR etc. and uplink resources will limit
currently we have 10:1 DL:UL traffic ratio and we are using config 2 which is 3:1 (DL:UL). So I was thinking why not move to config. 4 or 5

i was looking for any report or case study when moving from config 2 to 4 or 5


what will be the impact on KPIs and unforseen issue?


Which provider?


perhaps some UEs don’t support config 5. The provider/vendor is Huawei.

Note that Huawei doesn’t support config 4


Which release note??


and for massive MIMO only config 2 is supported



Ok bro
So u have to be sure rhat software is supporting conf 4 and 5
Be sure also about ue capability


For massive MIMO i remenber that u need to upgrade to ran12.10


yes it is in our roadmap


Massive MIMO u have to use 65t/64r


yes I know


Also in ur road map?? Good

Soft split is ur road map also??


do u have any practical experience?


Yes. 5 years LTE leader FDD and TDD


so did u face any issue when changing config


Now i’m managing 8T/8R solution…with eran12.1.



I am talking about experience regarding my query


Yes. I faced problems. The network support only one conf